Bassoon Reed Profiler

  • Bearing ramp uses numbered adjustment knobs that allow quick and easy adjustment of the profile thickness
  • Large barrel matches contour of gouged cane and works with contra cane
  • Barrel is etched at ends and center to align cane
  • Spare blade included
  • Barrel design automatically creates spine (can be modified to remove this feature)
  • Hard stainless steel ramp will last a lifetime
  • Special modifications and requests are available
  • Available in multiple colors

Dial Indicator

  • Uses a high quality, trusted brand of indicator
  • Contact pin is marked every 3mm (special markings available)
  • Measures in 0.01mm increments
  • Pin is long enough to measure contrabassoon reeds

$149 USD plus shipping
Bassoon Straight Shapers

  • Produced using computer controlled milling machines
  that create accurate and consistant shapes
  • Incorporates a cane marking feature that allow for easy
  positioning on the MD Profiler
  • Made from hard anodized aluminum for long life